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Download Multiple Files to PC from Whatsapp Easily

Whatsapp is a pretty amazing piece of software if you are old enough to remember the dark ages when people still made use of SMS and MMS to send annoying text messages to each other. You may not know that, apart from being available on your phone, if you have a Windows or Mac PC you can download the desktop client which allows you to use Whatsapp on your phone from your PC or laptop by connecting over your WiFi network. This means that if you are working and getting a lot of messages throughout the day then it allows you to reduce work interruptions checking your phone every 5 minutes and thereby impress your boss by being more productive

However, whilst this is a good feature, an excellent feature of the Whatsapp Desktop client is that it makes working with multiple files much easier than if you were using your phone. If you want to download a lot of messages, images, video or anything else you can do it in just a few short seconds, as opposed to fumbling around with your phone and Android file manager for much longer than is necessary.

Simply head over to to download the desktop app if you haven't already. Next you will need to link your phone and PC by heading over to (just follow the instructions on the page). Now Whatsapp should be working on your PC and you should be able to read and write messages 'on the big screen'. If you have problems connecting then make sure the Whatsapp application is running on your phone, close the Whatsapp desktop app on your PC and reopen.

To download files from Whatsapp to PC:

  • Open the applicable chat where the files are
  • Scroll to the date in the conversation of the files you want to download
  • RIGHT CLICK in the background wallpaper of the conversation
  • In the menu that appears click SELECT MESSAGES
  • Use the SELECT BOXES on the left to select the appropriate files
  • In the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER click the  download arrow
  • A ZIP file will save which you will need to extract (use 7zip)
  • Unzip the compressed file and your selected files will be on your PC
whatsapp file download

whatsapp download video

how to download files from whatsapp


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