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Fix for USB devices disconnecting

This is a quick fix you can try if you have a USB device that you think is broken or the battery has run out (and it hasn't) because it keeps disconnecting. I use a wireless USB mouse and unless I change this Windows 10 power setting it is much more likely to randomly disconnect.

Okay, so if you have a device that randomly disconnects try this:

  • Or if you prefer to search for it then WIN+S KEYS > SEARCH FOR POWER & SLEEP
  • Now, in the Power & Sleep menu look to the right hand side with the window maximized for ADDITIONAL POWER SETTINGS
  • Then the Power Options window will appear, select CHANGE PLAN SETTINGS next to whichever plan is selected for your PC/Laptop
  • In the next window select CHANGE ADVANCED POWER SETTINGS
  • Finally, in the new window scroll down to USB SETTINGS > USB SELECTIVE SUSPEND SETTING and then DISABLE 
I am not sure why this works, however I think it relates to Windows turning off devices as a power saving measure. Possibly when it puts a USB device to sleep to save power sometimes it has trouble waking it up correctly hence the device not behaving as it should. I do feel this setting should not be automatically enabled on Windows on desktop PCs as it is more of an annoyance than anything else. Anyway, not guaranteed to work though if you are having problems with USB devices behaving strangely or disconnecting then worth a try.

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