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Right Click Windows Explorer Menu Seems Slow?

google drive
If you sometimes think, "Wow, that took a long time to appear" when you right click in Windows Explorer on a file or folder, if you have the Google Drive desktop app installed (referred to as Backup & Sync at the time of writing) then it may be the culprit. Though you may never have used, you will
probably have noticed that when you install the Drive desktop app it adds some entries to the right click context menu. There is, however, a widely reported bug related to the Google Drive right click menu entries as they add a noticeable delay to the time it takes for the right click menu to be visible from the time that you click. I would imagine it has something to do with connecting to/pinging your Google Drive every time you right click in Explorer or something along those lines. Anyway, whatever the reason, it is an unnecessary annoyance which can easily be fixed. All you need to do to get back an instant right click menu is remove or disable the right click entries. This can be done using a number of different programs such as Autoruns from Microsoft as well as CCleaner which allow you to remove or disable programs that run automatically at Windows startup or remove entries from the right click menu. You will need to find and remove or disable two entries named GDContextMenu. Once you have, you should find your right click menu time is back to normal. If you prefer to do it manually via the Windows registry (only if you know what you are doing) then this post at Windows 10 Forums will help.



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