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Parow Athletics Club - Cape Town Architecture

      Parow Athletics Club Google Maps

Brilliant Boerewors Bolognese Recipe (South African Sausage Ragù)

 If you like cooking you may often have seen recipes for Sausage Ragù online or in recipe books and thought 'where can I get some delicious artisanal sausage in this dreadful country where we have nothing like that at all,'.  You might never have considered that we have a massive range of excellent homemade sausages right here in RSA that you can get just about anywhere - boerewors. You would be surprised just how good this recipe tastes, the boerewors (sausage) gives the bolognese/ragù a unique yet familiar flavour and if you are a fan of Italian food then this is certainly a recipe worth trying. Just a note, boerewors comes in a wide range of varieties which use different recipes of spices and ratios of meat. For this recipe I used Grabouw Boeroewors from Pick n Pay, which is a pretty standard boerewors and I would recommend using something similar. Anything marked (optional) below doesn't have to be included however will improve the flavour of the sauce. INGREDIENTS 400-

No Man's Sky - Indie Game Hidden Gems

Ever dreamed of flying around exploring the universe in a spaceship, going on missions, interacting with alien life and building bases all over the place? If you have heard of No Man's Sky before it might be for the wrong reasons and if you haven't heard about it then that might be because of all the bad press it received on release meaning it never achieved the fame it should/could have. Similar to the release of Cyberpunk 2077, No Man's Sky was massively over-hyped prior to release ultimately resulting in a lot of unhappy customers when they played version 1.0 of the game on release day. No Man's Sky wasn't broken, the game worked fine, it was just very, very empty. A massive procedurally generated universe to explore with not very much to do, many (most) of the promised features of the game were missing and it was evident the game needed a few more years of development. Jump ahead those few more years of development and No Man's Sky is a very different game