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Takealot Packaging Excess

Now, before I write the body of this post I just want to first say that I think is brilliant, they offer a wide range of products and a service that was sorely missing in South Africa 10-20 years ago, or whatever the correct time period is at the time of reading. I buy from them regularly and this is not intended to be in any way a defamatory piece of internet writing. Also, just to say don't forget to support the smaller guys, if you can't find something you want on Takealot or want to compare prices then and are two other excellent options for online shopping.

However, in this day and age I think whomever is in charge of packaging at Takealot needs to do a bit of a re-think. I ordered two rings, the kind you put on your finger, on different dates, as in the image to the right. One I collected from the Takealot warehouse and the other from a Takealot collection point, which (if you didn't know) are very convenient locations nearer to where you live or work. These are great if you are someone (like me) who doesn't like sitting around at home waiting for a delivery so take a look if you haven't used one before next time you shop at Takealot. The first ring, collected from the main Takealot warehouse, was not in packaging, no problems there. However, the second ring, which had to be transported from the Takealot warehouse to the Takealot collection point was therefore packaged.

Now, I don't think this really needs any further explanation other than looking at the images below. This really is a waste of resources in many ways - the amount of cardboard, the space it takes on the delivery truck, the space it takes in storage, the space it takes in my bin. Way too excessive to transport what essentially could fit in a normal envelope. In fact, 10 or more could probably fit in a normal envelope, so I am not really sure why they didn't use one. There are probably valid reasons, more easily concealed therefore higher risk of theft, smaller therefore easier to lose, less padding therefore higher possibility of damage etc. however it still seems to me there could be some improvement on what you see in the images. Just to say, once again, I really think Takealot is amazing and I make use of them 'a lot' and so many other companies in RSA and around the world are guilty of this as well, though did feel this was one of the worst examples of excess packaging I have ever seen.

takealot packaging

takealot excessive packaging


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