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Noita - Indie Game Hidden Gems

 Before anything is said about Noita and you consider buying it, this is a difficult, difficult, difficult game and certainly not one that everyone will be able to get into.

Noita is a rather unique game and not easily compara
ble to many other game titles, an action/adventure roguelite game where you play as witch (or maybe a wizard) and must navigate your way through the game using wands, potions and various other odds and ends that you find along the way. Noita is a game about going down, you start each level at the top and must make your way through the caverns/levels till you reach the warp portal which ends the level.

To progress through Noita you need to find and upgrade wands. Each wand you find has a certain number of slots in which you can place spells. These spells are then fired when you use the wand, meaning that the type and order of the spells that you find or buy in the game determines your attack power. This is a very simplified explanation of the main game mechanic as this seemingly minor detail can have a massively varied impact on the range of possible outcomes and ways the game is played.

The spells you add to your wand stack, meaning that if you add a Fire Trail spell to a projectile spell (such as an arrow) the arrow will leave a trail of fire. This may not seem like such a big thing however there are many, many spells and therefore many, many possible combinations that you can make. Added to this, the environment is interactive, meaning that if the fire trail the arrow leaves lands on any oil or wood in the environment it will catch fire.

There are so many possible combinations of spells and therefore ways to play the game that it would be impossible to cover all of them in this post and the best way to experience the game is to play it or visit the Noita Subreddit group.

If you are looking for a game that will help you kill any spare time you may have whilst at the same time causing endless amounts of frustration then Noita certainly is a challenge, check it out now - Noita on Steam and Noita on GOG


  • Excellent value for money in terms of replayability
  • Support for mods
  • Endless ways to play the game
  • Great way to spend your spare time
  • Cheap and excellent value for money 


  • Incredibly difficult with a steep learning curve
  • Difficult to master with gamepad better with mouse & keyboard
  • Not the most stunning graphics
  • Needs a powerful PC to run on high settings
  • Some runs are impossibly difficult
  • Not for younger or inexperienced gamers


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