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Create Large Start Menu Icons with Tileconifier

Play games, on Steam, Game Pass or pirated, on a Windows PC? If you do and are as annoyed as I am with the small icons that Windows automatically creates in the Start Menu when you Pin to Start then Tileconifier is a free program you need to get your hands on. 

As detailed in the image below, Tileconifier makes it easy for you to create large icons to pin on the Start Menu, significantly improving the appearance. Tileconifier doesn't limit you to making icons for games, you can use it for almost anything on your PC - normal programs, Windows Store Apps (Game Pass games fall into this category), Chrome Apps and more.

Not that difficult to use, the process basically creates another shortcut that is saved in a folder named TILECONIFY in your Start Menu. After creating a shortcut using Tileconifier, navigate to this folder and pin the new shortcut in the Tileconify folder to the Start menu. 

There are a lot of options, you can remove the executable's name text, increase/decrease the icon size, change the background colour and use custom icons. The image below illustrates the basic steps needed to create a custom icon if the program you want to create an icon for is not visible in the shortcuts list and you get Tileconifier free on Github.

tileconifier how to


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